Thank you for supporting made to order, of the Earth clothing.

Please note all pieces are made to order and will ship within 1 - 3 weeks. As each piece is hand made and there are subtle variations within the designs. Thank you for your patience and support.


All exchanges must be made within 14 days of receiving an order.

Buyers are responsible for the cost of return shipping on all orders.

Because all pieces are hand made to order we offer exchanges for store credit for 75% of original payment.


All pieces can be over dyed and or taken in at no additional cost within 14 days of receiving your order. Because we are only altering your garment and not making a new one we can only make your garment smaller and not bigger. For over dyeing your garment will not be bleached and dyed again, if you have questions about color relations and what colors can be created from your current color please ask in the form below.


Because all pieces are made to order we do not offer refunds.

Garment Flaw

If there is any mistake or flaw with your garment we are happy to replace it within 14 days of receiving your order.

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Type of Rerurn *
Please provide details on item and the type of alteration you would like. For hemming include requesting size. For over dyeing include what color you would like to be used for the over dyeing.